Redefining Businesses in Africa

We offer strategic approaches; context and framework to doing business and investing in Africa; tackle or respond, to your business challenges or opportunities.


A Top-Notch Team

We have an excellent team of professionals on our side to get things done effectively.


Data-Driven Operations

With a data centric culture IMGA accurately monitors and tracks its clients performance.


Adaptability & Flexibility

We change, manage, and adapt to the many inevitable challenges we face along the way.

What We Do

Oil, Gas, Solar, Environment and Industry Solutions

Project, Financial and IT Management, Media

Buying, Selling, Building

Food & beverage, travel & tourism, lodging, and recreation.

Our Vision

We aspire to redefine business environments and operations in Africa as a firm ‘Imara’ top-notch brand delivering world-class professional services.

Our Mission

To provide first-class exceptional service, real-time logistics, value, and customer service with excellence, quality, and trust, timely and in a cost-effective manner.

Who We Are

Imara Millennium Group Africa Limited (IMGAL) is a multi-industry conglomerate company headquartered in Dar es salaam, Tanzania focusing and operating on Energy, Consulting, Real Estate, and Hospitality industries. IMGAL is incorporated in Tanzania, in January 2023.

IMGAL offers its customers an unprecedented level of service for the supply, quality control, logistical support, and price risk management of fuel products and related services, under one roof.

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Leaving A Mark

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From delivering Petroleum and other Energy products, Consulting, Real Estate, and Hospitality, we never lose sight of the fact that our business is about helping businesses of varying levels to thrive while they are free to focus on the most important aspects of their craft.

Our Crowning Accomplishments

While business principles apply across any market, businesses need to adapt their strategies to the context of Africa to be successful and understand that Africa is one of the key regional markets in the next generation of business.

“Redefining Business in the New Africa” sets out to establish a new baseline and framework for engagement in Africa, which reflects the current and future trends of a region headed for emerging market status. 

Our Expertise

At Imara Millennium Group Africa our dedication to achieve excellence is what drives us to retain our clients. Our business model allows us to customize any request from our clients and whatever the requirement is, we strive to deliver that need.

Our Methodology

Our worldwide experience has proven that businesses everywhere can gain considerable competitive advantage by thoroughly analyzing and streamlining their expenditure needs across the entire company.